Who? Why? What?


weihai night

[better photos coming soon (forever)]

International, now reppin NEW ZEALAND!

I’m just a regular girl who likes to chill at home, read books, listen to music, doodle, watch cartoons, blaze, drink tea and homemade banana milk.

Consequently, all that alone time = plenty of time to muse on way better things than another boring party. Talk! I realise I sound bitter…anyway….My blog concerns something much more interesting!

art. art! fucking art! art of all kinds!

I’ve been studying art history for a while, chopping and changing my degree until finally, I realised that art history is where my heart is.
…even if I have a bad tendency to hand my essays in late.

Regardless, I felt the need to share what I’ve been learning with the world, and sometimes – more often than not – my own thoughts on all things art related!


Here is a link to my first post that pretty much outlines my perceptions on art and the purpose of my blog…enjoy! ]


2 thoughts on “Who? Why? What?

    1. Hi there! I had a wee explore of the website you showed me and it is pretty interesting for a number of reasons…in their ‘Mission Statement’ there are several points that i agree with but then there are others which i find kinda narrow/views that i think are unyielding to newer forms of ‘excellence’. Of course when i look at Renaissance works, i’m like “what the hell? how did they do that? can anyone paint like that anymore?!” but their aims seem to be based upon Academy templates that are both esoteric and archaic. There is plenty of talent still out there but they take new modes of expression in today’s society and in light of globalisation, the Western canon is somewhat dated and new understandings of art are challenging this. Not saying it should be ignored or forgotten in the slightest, it was a significant time in history. However a return to Renaissance standards doesn’t really allow for art and our perceptions to expand. Albeit, all for this:
      To repudiate the idea that development in art requires destruction of boundaries and standards, pointless emphasis on ‘newness,’ or pursuit of the bizarre and ugly as ends in themselves, and to expose as artistic fraud those works conceived only to elicit outrage.
      and also the understanding of basic visual literacy, education in drawing etc.
      Phew! Sorry about the essay!
      Anywho, i’ve inserted a link to my first post that talks about what my blog entails that might help you understand my own views on ‘art’! Thanks for checking my blog out anyway! x


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