same shit, different time and the dawn of nu-China

Art today is moving in directions of which our forebears had no inkling; the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are heard galloping through the air; artistic excitement can be felt all over Europe – new artists are signalling to one another from all sides; a glance, a touch of the hand, is enough to convey understanding.

Franz Marc, Blaue Reiter Manifesto, 1912 [quoted in ‘Letters of the Great Artists – from Blake to Pollock’, Richard Friedenthal, Thames and Hudson, London, 1963, p. 207.]

As true today as it was then

Bring on that apocalypse, vive la revolution re-evolution


the-tower-of-blue-horses marc


Franz Marc, Tower of Blue Horses, 1913

fighting forms franz marc


Franz Marx, Fighting Forms, 1914

It’s so exciting to be alive right now! With the birth of the internet and globalisation, this generation of cyber kids is noticeably on the rise…
The influx of information we’re receiving is astounding and not prescribed to us through schooling. This means the world is slowly waking the fuck up!
Well, unless you live in China like my mum and sister do at the moment…I don’t know if my sister even got my last email cause I told her to find a proxy and to seek out Ai Weiwei!
Which reminds me….Ai Weiwei’s existence and the fact that he is actively trying to change the reality he was born in to is super inspiring! Whilst doing this, he is also changing the face of art as we know it. I mean, fuck this Damient Hirst bullshit!
In Ai Weiwei, I see a similar spirit that has fed movements like the German Expressionists [Der Blaue Reiter and Die Brucke] or Dada when they were confronted with World Wars and such oppressors as History’s beloved Hitler…the role of the true artist is to teach and artists have always been fighting against old established forces but ultimately, creating art that stands for peace and unity by destroying expectation and busting loose from the bars of society.

aiweiwei vase

Whatever is happening in China, it is booming! The art coming out of there is both pronounced and allusive, and all artists are threads woven into a much bigger social fabric…The Cultural Revolution of 66-76 saw the socialist efforts to push soviet-style realism and traditional forms of ink painting by banning everything else, whether it was Chinese or Western. Revolting against this meant you were branded a capitalist douchebag or a total traitor! But since the 80s, things have been picking up with the role of the artist becoming important again, in providing a national image and creating sufficient income.
Many artists are revitalising what the Cultural Revolutionaries attempted to repress
Many of them critique capitalism and consumerism
Many criticise corruption and censorship
Many try to make sense of history and ideology – what is real, what is truth?! The synthesis is brought into question, an ever more pressing question here in the digital age!


bonsai 39

Shen Shaomin – Thousand Hand Buddha and Bonsai No.39

MadeIn Company Immortals' Trails in Secret Land

MadeIn Company (led by Xu Zhen) – Immortals’ Trails in Secret Land……a ginormous collage tapestry that echoes digitized cut and paste, a window or screen into the life of China

xu zhongmin egg shape

Xu Zhongmin – Egg Shape

zhang tingqun thoughts

Zhang Tingqun –  ‘net’ paintings…his internal nebula of memories and thoughts, executed in a calligraphy brush


Zong Ning – Slum…inkjet-printed performance-photo-paintings

[sorry, slack on dates – but all are fairly recent…]


meandering through 798 the other year with my sister….Beijing bitches!!!

Can’t make it to China?
Holla to my people in the pacific…Sydney is more doable, right? Visit the White Rabbit Gallery, home to a great range of contemporary Chinese artists. Their website is amazing, with a short synopsis of all the featured artists and obviously much more!


It’s exciting to see where art is heading in this age where we can travel and communicate across oceans without leaving the couch. Even doodling is a legitimate art form!


“CHINA BLUE” – documentary on the denim factories. This is my Chinese denim slave girl.

Kids are wiser and more intuitive than ever before, and the ‘apocalypse’ is coming!


get some art in ya!

Welcome to Naked Impulse!
My name is Libby and lately I have been filled with the overwhelming desire to make a blog about ‘art’.
Actually, overwhelming desire are sorta the wrong words…it’s more like a naked itch, an obligational impulse to make a blog about ‘art’.
After all, knowledge should be free, right?
Right now, I study Art History and Classics in New Zealand…I gettit. Study‘The (Western) Greats’.
Let’s be honest, we all make art whether we’re aware of it or not.
But I suppose art with purpose/context/’impulse’ is something that is truthfully worth talking about.
The art world is filled with some form of snobiety, try-hards, squares, pretentious homo assholes, (need I go any further, people!) but so far, it hasn’t put me off.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy wanky art historian talk…I find essays fun and all that, I’ve left my lecturers baffled by my inner-Panofsky yet goddamn, it’s no way to get EVERYONE interested. Which we should be….
Understanding so many great artists across the ripples of time, throughout all of our history on this planet couldn’t be anything less than the study of life!
And fuck, can you possibly think of anything more incredible than that?
Mainly, Naked Impulse is obviously gonna feature art I like…things I find relevant or interesting etc.
My posts won’t always be huge academic essay styles but are hopefully exciting, heartfelt and thoughtful responses that are also totally open for discussion!

Here is a taster of what to expect/artefacts and paintings I’m generally into:

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From our homo sapien cave-dwelling ancestors right up to current day Neanderthals (big span of time to get your head around)…through art, I have come to realise people are always gonna be the same, no matter how advanced our tools get. As people, we demand to be heard!
When art is at sucha level; the indescribable, the ephemeral, the impulse, raw and pure in your face made visible…it has, what I believe is most important, the power to move you as distinct individuals across cultures. Only pure truth can do something like that! And as a part of this continuum we find ourselves in, artists have realised the potential to change history rather than passively documenting. So be moved! Want change!
In an age that is so visual, it seems we have forgotten how to use our eyes and how to read art, all of us driven blind after being prescribed tasteless sex and murder all the freaking time!
The more I realise and understand awesome paintings and movements, the less alone I feel in my thoughts…and yo! maybe if there are enough people out there who really care, then change is possible.
I’m still coming to terms with the bittersweet beauty and pain of it all, that my favourite works illuminate in their naked, blazing visions.
So get some art in ya!